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Dating Old Photos
Dated Imprints
Public Domain

Photographers Database - our collection of records on historic photographers worldwide who were active between 1839 and 1949. The main emphasis is on historic 19th century photographers, especially of not particularly famous photographers, though a growing number of early twentieth century records are also being added. Many of the records come from imprints found on public domain photographs. Currently this database has over 100,000 records, and new information is added weekly.

Dating Old Photographs - based on empirical analysis of characteristics, derived from our collection of thousands of dated public domain images. Tools and resources for dating old photographs by assigning accurate dates to images based on a wide range of significant properties, including information on the historic photographers who took the images, and examples of (now public domain photographs) their work.

Biographies - Biographical notes on historic photographers derived from our own research, or transcribed from old contemporary biographical publications and obituaries, as well as links to online biographies on other websites.

Photohistory - a variety of articles, transcriptions and data of interest to those interested in the history of photography. Of particular interest to those with card-mounted images from the CDV and Cabinet Card eras in the USA is our on-line database of American Photographer Imprints. This section also includes our Publication Series, ebooks on photographers of particular locations and eras, and ebooks on identifying dates and subjects from old images.

Public Domain Images - A small part of the 30,000 plus public domain photographs in our digital collection have been indexed here, and increasing this database is an ongoing project. The vast majority of these antique photographs have either the photographer or the portrait-subject identified, sometimes both. They are mostly from lesser known photographers, but also include many famous photographers. The images too include both lesser known and famous images, and some are of historic or aesthetic interest.


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