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E Anthony advertisement from the 28 March 1860 Coshocton Ohio newspaper.

American and Foreign
Stereoscopic Emporium

E. Anthony, 308 Broadway, N.Y.

After May 1st 1860, at 501 Broadway, two doors from the St Nicholas Hotel.

The Stereoscope is the most instructive, interesting, amusing and exciting of modern inventions.

None are too young, none too old, none too intelligent, none too uneducated, to acknowledge its worth and beauty.

No home is complete without it, and it must and will penetrate everywhere.

It presents to your view every part of the world in all the relief, boldness, perspective and sharpness of detail, as if you were on the spot.

Photographers are everywhere exploring. Europe, Asia, Africa, America, in search of the grand and the beautiful, and the results of their skill are constantly enriching our stock.

We have an immense variety of paper views of scenes in Paris, London, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, The Rhine, Versailles, St. Cloud, Fontainebleau, Tuilleries, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Athens, the Holy Land, China, India, Crystal Palace, also Groups: historical, amusing, marriage scenes, breakfast scenes, picnics, statuary, &c. An excellent assortment of illuminated interiors of palaces, churches, and cathedrals of France, Italy, &c. The effect of these illuminated views is most remarkable.

Every gentleman of wealth and refined taste should have in his drawing room some of our exquisite views on glass, with a revolving stereoscope, showing 12, 25, 50 or 100 scenes. Nothing can be more fascinating, and one can offer no greater treat to a friend fond of the picturesque and the beautiful.

Anthony's Instantaneous stereoscope views are the latest Photographic wonder. They are taken in the fortieth part of a second, and everything, no matter how rapidly it may be moving, is depicted as sharply and distinctly as if it had been perfectly at rest. This gives an additional value, for to the beauties of inanimate nature it adds the charm of life and motion. The process is a discovery of our own, and being unknown in Europe, we receive from London and Paris large orders for Anthony's Instantaneous Views of American life and scenery.

Among other things we have just published stereoscopic illustrations of the scene of the Fulton street prayer meeting, in which many hearts feel an interest. The particulars of this will be found in our catalogue.

Our catalogue of subjects and prices will be forwarded to any address on receipt of a stamp.

Parties at a distance sending us $3, $5, $10, $15, $20 or $25, can have a good instrument and such pictures as they may request, sent by Express.

Views alone, without instrument, can be sent by mail.

Parties who wish to be advised of everything really valuable in the line as it comes out, may send us their names and place on record, and we will keep them posted at our own expense.

Men of leisure will find Photography a most fascinating and delightful amusement. We are prepared to fit out amateurs with everything necessary for their success, together with instructions "How to take Stereoscopic Pictures."


Importer and Manufacturer of Photographic Materials, Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views.

TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.-- First class stereoscopic negatives wanted.

Send by mail a print unmounted, with price of Negative.

[Cut this out for future reference.]

Jan. 18, 1860.

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