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Consolidated Index to Photograms 1914-1921

314 photographers with the titles of their photographs
published in Photograms Annual, London 1914 to 1921

Adams, MarcusLondon {1919-21} Reading {1915-18}
1921Dorothy and June
1918The Young Prince
1916"What's Up"
1915The Jolly Tomboy
Adams, WaltonReading
1915The Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith
Aitchison, Gertrude (Miss)Oxford
1915The Bride's Chair
Alexander, GeorgeChicago, IL USA
1919The Blue Crane
Allen, Elizabeth R (Miss)NJ USA
1916Puckachipe and Meetwee
Anderson, John HLondon
1921A Swiss Village
1920Waterloo Bridge Approach
1919The Entrance to the Cathedral
1917Quai de Paris, Rouen
1916A Street in Falaise
Anderson, Paul LNew York, NY {1918,1920} East Orange NJ {1914-16}
1920Dragon Fly Dance
1918Apple Trees
1916Golden Light
1915The Fur Boa
Andrada, FMadrid, Spain
1920Sierra de Guadarrama
Annan, J CraigGlasgow
1915Street in Toledo
1914St. Martin's Bridge, Toledo
Arbuthnot, MalcolmLondon
1920The Vine
1919Madame Karsavina
1918Black and White
1915Portrait -- Mrs. Nagelmackers
1914Miss Constance Collier
Archer, Fred A.Los Angeles, CA USA
1920An Illustration for "Arabian Nights"
1917The Turn of the Road
1915Sunlit Pool
Avery, H ABrighton
Ayles, F Powell (Lieut.)Weymouth, England
1917A Dutch Landscape
Baier, AlfredVienna
1914The Sunset Hour
Bairstow, HerbertHalifax
1914The Beach, Staithes
Banfield, A CLondon
1918The Munition Worker
Banfield, Jesse TCA USA
Barclay, AndrewLondon
1918The Singer
Barton, G A (Mrs)Birmingham
1921There was a Knight Came Riding By
1920The Garland
1919"When alone I sit and think"
1918Little Miss Marjorie
1916A Little Girl in a Large Hat
1914"Alas that Spring should Vanish with the Rose!"
Basil, AngusLondon
1920Mademoiselle Mikoulina
1918Early Morning
1915The Casket
Basil, MaudLondon
1918Black and White
Bassi, M A (Miss)Turin, Italy
1920La Poule Tuee
Beardsell, William A (Sir)Madras, India
1920Sunrise on the River, Madras
1919The Sunbeam
Beguin, FLouvain {1921} / Namur {1920}
1920Le Devidoir Hospices de Beaune
Belfield, RLondon
1918In Far Cathay
1916A Decorative Study
Benington, WalterLondon
1920Miss Sybil Thorndike as Medka
1919Rt. Hon. John W Davis, American Ambassador in Great Britain
1918The Striped Dress
1917Miss Margaret Morris as "Le Poisson d'Or"
1916Louis Raemaekers
1915The Wicked Stepmother
1914Irene Rooke and Milton Rosmer
Bennett, O D (Major)India
1919The Armed Ploughman -- A Khyber Scene
Berssenbrugge, HHolland
1915Old Houses on the Canal
1914The Violin Player
Blake, A HLondon
1918Tropical Sun at Evora
1917The White Monument
1916Sunlight in a London Square
1915Hyde Park Corner
1914The Pit
Blakeley, R WManchester
1915Autumn -- Lugano
Bland, W RDerby, England
1916Home Again
1915Miss Ethel Chantry
Blason, C HHong Kong, China
1921A Junk
Blow, Thomas BWelwyn {1914,1919-20} London {1917-18}
1920Open Air Life in Italy
1919Prades, France
1918Italian Gossips
1917Amalfi Italy
1914The Reapers, St. Preuve, near Rheims
Boer, AdrianHolland
1915From Olden Times
Boer, Jacques deHolland
1921Storm Echo
1920Sand Dunes
1919The Coast of Holland
Boon, E G (Dr)Italy
1914Sunlit Toilette
Borrenbergen, EAntwerp, Belgium
1921Animation -- Antwerp Docks
Borup, CharlesLondon
1920Mademoiselle H
1919Phyllis and Crinoline
Bostock, Cecil WSydney, Australia {see also Capt. Wilkins}
1921En Passant
1920Making Ready
1918The Sphinx
Bostwick, Francesca (Mrs)CT USA {1915,1917} New York {1914}
1917Portraits of Children in Dutch Costume
1915Portrait of a Dog
1914Portrait of a Child
Boughton, Alice (Miss)New York, NY USA
1917The Garden Path
1916Mademoiselle Yvette Guilbert
Bransburg, Saul Russia
1914The Dancers
Bricarelli, Stefano (Dr)Turin, Italy
1920Nets and Boats
1917The Scout
1916Procession au Village
1915Pour Nos Soldats
Bridgen, SLondon
1921In England
1920Nature's Cathedral
1918Child's Welfare -- a Consultation
1917A Wintry Scene
1916God's Light
1915Making for Home
1914The Tennis Tournament
Brinkley, John RGlasgow
1915Mademoiselle Sans-Gene
Brodhun, Will DWilkes-Barre, PA USA
1917Peace and Victory
Brooman-White, RGarelochhead
1914At Dolcesqua
Brown, Ralph WillisCA USA
1919The Pearl Necklace
1918Little Black Dog
Buckham, Alfred GLondon
1914The Fountain
Buerba, J MSpain
1921Madre Gitana
Burgess, A WManchester, England
1918The Top of the Hill
Butcher, Donald JFrinton
1917Little Women
Bye, N EInverness
1919Solan Geese on the Bass Rock
Cadby, CarineBorough Green
1916Four Children in War-time -- the Day Begins
1914The Ski-er
Cadby, WillBorough Green
1916Bella and Her Mistress
1914Sun and Silver
Cadby, Will and CarineBorough Green
1915The Doll's Day
Cameron, BruceMilngavie, N.B.
1916Mrs Jessie M King Taylor
Campbell, Colin (Major)London
1916"Not Hesitating to Fly in Every Kind of Weather"
Canty, H FPersia
1917A Desert Caravan
Carlyle, TPaisley
1914Regatta Morning
Carnarvon, (Earl of)London {1916-21} Newbury {1915}
1919Pierrot Blanc
1918The Dance
1917The Frieze
1916The Dust of Ages
1915The Fountain
Carter, SidneyMontreal, Quebec, Canada
1920The Rose
Cato, Jack CSouth Africa
Cazneaux, HaroldSydney, NSW Australia
1921Blue Gums
1920Peace After War -- and Memories
1919Young Australia
1918Summer Time
1917Souvenir, Australia
1916The Japanese Blind
1915The Orphan Sisters
Cecil, HughLondon
1921Madame de Kurylo
1918Curds and Whey
1917Black Velvet
1916Head of a Pierrette
1915A Welsh Girl
1914The Spirit of Futurism
Cervera, MMadrid, Spain
1920Corrida de Toros
Chance, GeorgeNew Zealand
1920On the Dunes
Chorley, I JCardiff
1915The Ever-moving Sands
Christiansen, C WChicago, IL USA
1919The March of the Silhouettes
1918The Sleeping Lion
1914The Melting Pot
Clutterbuck, Walter JNorwich, England
1919Looking Down
1917An Eastern Twilight
Coatsworth, J HAlexandria, Egypt
1919A Street in Old Cairo
1918The School Mosque, Damanhour
1917The Ferry Boat
Coburn, Alvin LangdonHarlech, Wales {1920} London {1914-18}
1918The Thaw
1917A Vortograph
1915Miscio Itow, the Japanese Dancer
1914The Lord of the Dynamos
Cocks, R MHindhead
1917Major Haldane Macfall
Collier, Compton (Miss)Finchley
1915A Decorative Study
Corke, H EssenhighSevenoaks
1917Frank Fenner, Esq.
1915A Corner of Covent Garden Market
1914The Idol
Cox, BertramLondon {1921} Lincoln {1914-19}
1921The Weald
1919"Foursquare to all the Winds that Blow"
1915The Wharf, Lincoln
1914At Weybourne
Crawford, HaroldLeeds
1914The Burcher's Shop
Croall, R DEdinburgh
1918Edinburgh Castle
Crooke, WilliamEdinburgh
1921Study of Head
1920Sir Harold J Stiles MB FRCS
1919Rt. Hon. James Avon Clyde, K.C., M.P., Lord Advocate
1918Admiral Sir Charles Madden
1917George Esson, Esq.
1915Lord Dewar
1914The Late Lord Wemyss
Crowther, C PollardLondon {1921} Japan {1916-19}
1921The Cavalier
1919A Japanese Actor
1918The NO Dancer
1916Sir Rabindranath Tagore
D'Ora, (Madame)Vienna
Danis, AMadrid, Spain
Dannatt, A KeithSurbiton {1920, 1916} Sutton {1918} Woking {1914}
1920Etaples Types
1918Springtime in Picardy
1916Child Portrait Group
1914A Breton Boy
Davernay, LucienFrance
Davis, Dwight AWorcester, MA USA
1917Industry and Idleness
De Meyer, (Baron)London and New York
1914Ruth St. Denis
Deck, Norman CNew South Wales, Australia
1916Timber Country in Mist
Demachy, RobertParis, France
1916A Normandy Town
1915Behind the Scenes
Dickson, Edward RNJ USA
1914Design in Nature
Dixey, RIpswich
Doolittle, James NLos Angeles, CA USA {1917-21} San Francisco {1915-16}
1921Miss Ruth Miller
1920The Gamblers
1917Portrait of Miss St. P.
1916North Portal, University Library
1915A Bit of Genoa
Dubreuil, PierreLille
1921Woman at San Remo
1920The Looking Glass
1914Golden Rain
Dunlop, DanMotherwell
1915The Auld Brig, Dumfries
1914A Normandy Crucifix
Dunning, E GNew York, NY USA
1917Dickie's Breakfast
Echague, J OrtizMadrid, Spain
1921La Misa
1920Mujer de Castille
1918Moro al Viento
1917Moros en fraje de fretta
Edwards, John PaulSacramento, CA USA
1921Solitary Heights
1920Marshland Pastures
1919Hills of California
1918A Beach Frolic
1917The Strollers
Eickemeyer, RudolfNew York, NY USA
1921The Widow's Half Acre
1920The Forest Primeval
1919His Boy in France
1918A Summer Sea
1917In the Heart of the Rocky Mountains
1916Close of an Autumn Day
1915Portrait -- Mademoiselle S.
Eide, WaldemarStavanger, Norway
1921An Illustration for a Fairy
1920Dance of Salome
1919Dancing Study
Eilers, Bernard FAmsterdam, Holland
1921Mill of Zeddam
1917Canal Scene
Elliot, J MitchellPhiladelphia
1914The Bride
Elliot, NicholToronto, Canada
1915The College
Emanuel, Charles H LLondon
1917Washing Up
1915The Market
1914Drying Nets
Eutrope, S WSydney, Australia
1921An Outback Australian Home
1919On the Seashore
Evans, Frederick HLondon
1917St Bartholomew's, Smithfield -- Aisle to Alter
1916Durham Cathedral -- Aisle and Font
1915The Porches of Rheims in 1899
1914Westminster Abbey; Buckingham's Tomb in Chapel of St. Nicholas
Evershed, A R F (Dr)London
1915The Hillside
1914The River
Falkengren, UnoStockholm, Sweden
1920After the Dance
1916My Models
Farren, WilliamCambridge
1914The White Ensign
Ferguson, W JNew Zealand
1921The Sentinel
Fitz, W GPhiladelphia, PA USA
1917Under the Boardwalk, Atlantic City
Fleckenstein, LouisLos Angeles, CA USA
1921His First Overcoat
1919Happy-Go-Lucky Mexican Boy
1916Rose Dance of the South
1914Study of a Head and Hand
Flodin, FerdinandSweden
Folkman, JuliusDenmark
1915Miss Anna Larsson
Ford, ArthurAustralia
1921Surf Canoeing
1919To the Open
Franklin, J HCowes
1919H.M.S. "Agincourt" Leading the Line with Guns Trained
Gagarin, Prince AlexanderBarcelona, Spain
1915A Winter's Day, Petrograd
Gardner, Jared APlymouth, MA USA
1921Pasamaquaddy Indian
Garo, John HBoston, MA USA
1914Portrait of a Gentleman
Gibson, E WTasmania, Australia
1921The End of the Voyage
Gilpin, LauraCO USA
1920The Prairie
Goetz, Louis ASan Francisco, CA USA
1916The Fountain
Goodwin, Henry BStockholm, Sweden
1921The Great Catherine
1920Mother in the Cottage Next Door to My Own
1919The Weary Model
1918The Lady in Black
1917Sylfid (Jenny Hasselquist)
1916Primavera and Beatrice Mariagraete
Goss, A SCanada
1919The Bluffs, Toronto
Gow, G ASumatra
1921The Sea
Gropp, ESpain
1921The Frog He Would A Wooing Go
Hagiuda, BTokyo, Japan
1915Playing Koto
Hanna, FormanAZ USA
1916An Arizona Landscape
Hart, H H (Mrs)India
1921Silvery Morn
1919Mountain Solitude
Hayashida, TakeeJapan
1921Flowers That Speak Are Silent
Hayden, Charles S (Mrs)MD USA
1916The Dance
Head, DoraLondon
Heiskell, MorganItaly
1916Bona Dea
Herrick, AnsonCA USA
1918The Bank
High, George HChicago, IL USA
Hill, W GStockton-on-Tees
1918The Combat
Hilmy, MEgypt
1921The Land of the Pharaohs
Hoch, ErnestCanada
1919The Fountain
1918The British Lion
Hodges, F EShanghai, China
1919West Gate, Nanking
1916Feast of Lanterns -- Full Moon, Shanghai
Hofmeister, Th. and O.Hamburg
1914Evening Peace
Holcombe, RobertAustralia
1918The Cloud
Holding, E TLondon {1918} Pulborough {1916}
1918The Wheelwright
1916In the Studio
Hoppé, E OLondon
1914Mrs. Lavery
House, William HaroldSevenoaks
1918His Place in the Sun
1917Child with a Book
1915A Sunny Group
Hudson, W ACA, USA
1918A Basket of Roses
Huijsser, J F JHolland
1921Groot Kerk
1917interior of Church at Vollendam
Hungerford, Blanche C (Miss)MD, USA
1916Still-life Study
1915A Study in Light and Shade
Inigo, CarlosMadrid, Spain
Iruela, EMadrid, Spain
Jackson, HoraceChina
Jackson, TLeeds
1914The Royal Hotel, Whitby
Jay, FrancisLondon
1921En Plein Air
1920Les Sirenes
1919En Arcadie -- Dessin pour Eventail
Jewett, A E (Major)India
1917Eat to Live
Job, CharlesLondon {1915,1920-21} Hove, Sussex {1914,1919} Liverpool {1916-18}
1921On the South Downs
1920Kensington Gardens Burning Leaves
1918In Dock
1915A Canal, Bruges
1914After a Storm
Johnson, ReginaldAustralia
1919The British Lion
Johnston, J DudleyLondon
1914Somerset House
Jones, Gerald EAuckland, New Zealand
1920An Old Water Wheel
Judge, FredHastings
1921A Downs Shepherd
1920The Return of the Flock
1914The Royal Border Bridge, Berwick
Kales, Arthur FLos Angeles, CA USA
1921Faerie Queen
1918A Magazine Cover
1917The Bubble
1916The Call of the Sea
Kato, TaizoLos Angeles, CA USA
1921Sunlight and Shadow
Kauffmann, JAustralia
1914The Cloud
Keene, Minna (Mrs)Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1921Early Snow on the Prairie Track
1920An Indian Chief
1917Young Canada
1916A Little Canadian Girl
1914The Sun-Hat
Keighley, AlexanderSteeton {1914-16,1919-21} Keighley {1917-18}
1921The Chasm
1920The Lonely Valley
1919Water Carriers
1918Harvest Home
1917The Dayspring from on High
1916The Witches' Cauldron
1915Loading Up the Camels
1914Showery Weather
Kinder, Constance (Mrs)London
1914The Sentinel
Koch, GMadrid, Spain
1921Vieja Vasca
Krajewski, Ida (Miss)San Francisco, CA USA
Lake, D HHonolulu, HI USA
1921The Swan Dive
Lambert, HerbertBath
1917Young England
Lamplough, HenryLondon
1919The Magic Circle
Lewis, ArthurNorwich, England
1917A Figure-head
Lewis, FurleyLondon
1917The Lute-builder -- Portrait of George Saint-George, Esq.
1915The Russian Painters, Leopold and Lena Pilichowski
Lewis, RoweWinnipeg, Canada
1915La Priére
1914The Trio
Libby, Francis OrvillePortland, ME USA
1921Mesa Encantada
1920The Dreaming Night
Lomax, J ArthurCardiff, Wales
1921Before the Rain
1920The Cloud
Lovejoy, Rupert S (Dr)Portland, ME USA {W R S Lovejoy in 1920}
1921Nocturne -- The Temple
1920The Supplicant
1919Mountain Decoration
1918A Summer Symphony
Luboshez, N ELondon
1921Nikola Persheid
1919The Late Sir William Crookes
1918John Herzberg
Lynde, GascoigneMadras, India
1916Taj Mahal, The Dawn
1915Morning Mists
Macdonald, A MNew Zealand
1919The Spirit of the Dunes
MacDonald, PirieNew York, NY USA
1921Henry Watterson ("Marse Henry")
1917Portrait of Frederick McMonnies
MacGregor, HelenSan Francisco, CA USA
1921Brigand's Dance
Mackay, MelvillePortsmouth
1915The Raider
Mackenzie, WalterMontreal, Quebec, Canada
1920The Feather Fan
1919A Study in Lighting
Macnaughtan, William ENew York
1914Top of the Hill
MacSymon, JohnBirkenhead
1919A Roaring Torrent
Malcolm, Stella (Miss)Edinburgh
1915In Old Dinant
Mamlouk, CEgypt
Mann, H CVA
Marillier, E L (Miss)Torquay
Marley, A ELondon
1915Old Shoreham
Mason, TDublin
1915Coming from the Boats, Aran Islands, Co. Galway
Maté, OlgaBudapest
1914A Little Rogue
Mather, MargretheCA USA
1921Pierrot (Otto Mathieson)
1917Miss Maud Emily
Mathieson, WCape Town, South Africa
1921An Archway in the Old Castle
1920A Corner of the Rhodes Monument
Matsura, KJapan
1916"With Gently Growing Gleam"
McKissack, JamesGlasgow, Scotland
1921The Miracle
1919The Home of Romance
1918A Castle on the Wornitz
1917The Castle of Harburg
1916The Stableyard
1915La Lieutenance, Honfleur
1914The Castle of Harburg
McLeish, DonaldLondon
1915In the Land of the Pharaohs
Menochio, RaffaeleItaly
1919From Ancient Times
Mercer, B (Miss)Dublin
1915Flying the Kite
Merfield, C JMelbourne, Australia
1919The Enchanted Wood
1916The Pool
Merrett, D FHarpenden
1915"Whose blaze is now subdued to tender gleams"
Mettee, Holmes IArlington, VA USA
Milson, Alfred G (Mrs)Sydney, Australia
1921A Leading Wind
1920Return of the Australian Light Horse
Mischol, DSwitzerland
1921Sun and Snow
Misonne, LeonardBelgium
1921Dans la Marais
1920Paysage Flamand
1914Les Grands Peupliers
Moffat, JEdinburgh
1920Set to Partners
Morgan, GwynBarry
1918The Clothes Line
Morita, HKanda, Japan
1915In the May of Human Life
Mortimer, F JLondon
1921A Lee Shore
1920Storm and Sunshine
1919The End of the Trail
1918The Gate of Good-bye
1917"All's Well" -- The Mine-sweeper and the Destroyer
1916The Trail of the Huns
1915The Birth of a Battleship
1914The Elements at War
Mortimer-Lamb, HMontreal, Canada
1918A Canadian
1916At the Edge of the Wood
1915Lady in Black
1914A Portrait
Mowlam, E J (Commdr, R.N.)Southsea
1918The Convoy
1917"Break for the mad white horses To seek their meat from God"
1916A Glimpse
Muir, WardLondon
1921June Evening
1918Military Road in Albania
1917Edinburgh in Winter
1916Lake District Landscape
1915Curling at Kandersteg
1914Thames Barges -- Snow and Fog
Murchison, HectorLondon
1920"This Presenteth Itself Afar Off to the Eye of the Traveller"
1919The Fortune of War
1916By the Lochside
1915The Ship Undaunted
1914"England Expects ..."
Murray, NicholasNew York, NY USA {listed as Nickolas Muray in 1921}
1921Mademoiselle Desha
1920The Globe
Neeson, RemickBaltimore, MD USA
1920"Who is the Potter, Pray, and Who the Pot?"
Neyman, Percy (Ph.D.)CA USA
1918"Ho! Charon!"
1917Above the Clouds
Nordlund, IvorSweden
1917My Summer Cottage
1916The Thunderstorm
Ogawa, KoyoJapan
1916Nude Study
Oliva, PerezSpain
1916Procession en Boulogne
Osterloff, ERussia
1914At the Blackberry Bush
Park, BertramLondon
1921Nude Study
1920Ward Muir
1918The Rt. Hon. Countess Poulett
1917Mademoiselle Seraphine Astafieva in "L'Oiseau Indien"
1916"Don't Worry"
1915A Study
1914"Laugh, Laugh, Oh Ho-tei!"
Park, Bertram (Mrs)London
1921Nude Study
Park, YvonneLondon
1918A Figure Study
Parrish, GraceSt Louis, MO USA
1918From the Valley of the Shadow
Parrish, Williamina (Miss)St Louis, MO USA
1915Bacio della Luna
Partridge, Imogen CunninghamSeattle, WA USA
1916Designer and Design
1915Pierrot Vetrubt
Paton, James ESydney, Australia
1921The Enchanted Wood
1917An Australian Homestead
Pearson, Mania (Mrs)London
1918Treading the Sunny Path of Success (Miss Helen Morris)
1917Sur la Pointe
1916Mademoiselle Rambert as Virgin of Intercession
Penrice, M K (Miss)Bournemouth
1920Adeste Fideles
Pinkney, W F JGosforth
1918An Evening in June
Pitcher, S AGloucester
1915"Build me straight, O worthy Master"
Polak, RichardRotterdam, Holland
1921The Linen Chest
1919The Little Boat
1918Portrait of a Lady, with Coat of Arms
1917Teaching Polly
1915Nasty Medicine
1914La Malade Imaginaire
Porterfield, W HBuffalo, NY USA
1918The Fretwork Tree
1917The Hill-top
1916Bending to the Blast
1915The Adventurers
1914An Aerial Highway
Pramm, PSweden
1917The Dancer
1916An Oriental Beauty in the Northland
Pratt, E MCA USA
1919Sun-flecked Columns
1918The Capitol
Prior, George FLondon
1921The Punch and Judy Show
1920The Golden Eagle
1918A Panel
Proctor, A TWV USA
1914Grandmother's Golden Wedding Cake
1917The Lighted Court
1916The Guardian
1915The Crescent
Ralli, Ambrose (Mrs)London
1921Italian Market Woman
1918The Lobster Pot
Ratibor, EgonCanada
1914The Assiniboine
Rawlins, G E HKentmere
1920The Laughing Boy
Read, Frank HLondon
1917A Country Fair
1914Canterbury Cathedral
Reece, Jane (Miss)Dayton, OH USA
1919Lorado Taft
Remfeldt, AageChristiania
1920Miss Holm
Reusser, A G WHolland
1919On a Dutch Canal
Rey, GuidoTurin, Italy
Roemer, Willem (Jr)Rotterdam
1915Lachende Meisjeskop
Rogers, J MFL USA
Rude, ErnestNorway
1914Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
Rutherford, WalterCanada
1916The Sisters
Saba, SJapan
1921Sons of a Fisher
1920Along the Edge of the Snowy Peak
1919Where the Last Net is Thrown
1918Divine and Devil
1916The Snow-capped Temple
Sartov, HendrickCA USA [Hoover Art Co.]
1918The Quest of the Nymph
Savignac, JMadrid, Spain
1920El Campesino (Le Passant)
Sawyer, W CLos Angeles, CA USA
1920Trimming the Jib
Schell, SherrilLondon
1916A Japanese Fantasy
1915The Spangled Gown
1914The Poet, Rupert Brooke
Schlosser and WenischPrague
1914The Air Balloon
Schon, BasilGuildford
1915The Cedar Branch
Schonewolf, H WBuffalo NY
1915Sail Boats at Dock
Scott, F SeytonLondon
Scott, T H BLondon
1916A Woodland Temple
Selfe, WalterLondon
1919Autumn Morning
Sellman, TureSweden
1916At the Art Hall
1915The Harbour -- Evening
1914Wisby City Wall
Sherlock, AFiley
1921The Soap Bubble
Sketch, WSouth Africa
1919Sunlight and Snow
Smith, KateLondon {1920} Watford {1914}
1920"Where None May Come or Look or Break the Spell"
1914The Spirit of the Mist
Soga, ToshioJapan
1919Her Brocade Sash
Stableford, C HBirmingham, England
Steele, Louis JPortsmouth, England
1918After the Bathe
Stephen, John D (the late)___
1917"The silent snow possessed the earth"
Stephens, J TempleAustralia
1914The Top of the Sandhill
Stick, John CLos Angeles, CA USA
1920The Surf Line
Stoney, E W (CIE)India
1915Lamb's Rock, Coonoor
Storm, HarryCardiff, Wales
1920Beautiful Fact
1919The Tower
1918Young England
Struss, KarlHollywood, CA USA {1921} New York {1914,1917}
1917Connecticut Landscape
1914Near Amalfi
Summons, H YVirginia Water
Swan, C Atkin (Dr)London
1919The Eternal Snow
Sweatman, TraversWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1920Water Lilies
Thomas, WalterLondon
1921The Lord Chief Justice of England
1920Idle Moments
1916In a West Coast Harbour
1915The Passing Show
Thompson, William HHartford, CT USA
1917A Colonial Church
Tinoco, JMadrid, Spain
1920A Traves del Pinar
Torrance, H CPittsburgh, PA USA
1918Carnegie Technical School, Pittsburgh
1916Bessemer Converters
1915The White House, Washington
Truelsen, WilliamDenmark
1919North-westerly Storm
Ulrich, CHolland
1917The Dance
Vail, FloydNew York, NY USA
1920Morning Stillness
van Wadenoyen, Hugo (Jr)Cardiff, Wales
1921James Whale as Slaney in "Abraham Lincoln"
1918An American
1915Katrina Blakowska
1914Study from the Nude
Vandamm, Florence (Miss)London
Ventosa, (Conde de la)Spain
1916Porte de San Pedro, Avila
Victory, AntonioSpain
1919The House in the Fog
1918Penalara Club's Alpine House
1917Sierra de Grada, Spain
Wadia, D PBombay, India
1920A Spectacular Display
Wakeford, C ESydney, Australia
1920The Boundary Rider
1919The Stockman
Walburn, A WExeter
1918At the End of All -- Justice
Warburg, Agnes B (Miss)London
1914On the Breakwater
Warburg, J CLondon
1921The Second Sitting
Weaver, J R HOxford, England {1919} London {1914,1918}
1919Oxford -- the Divinity School
1918York Minster
1914Water Babies
Webb, H PCA
1915The Home of Many Mysteries
Webb, Sidney VCA USA
1915"Baby Wants It Too!"
Weinberg, A SHolland
1917From Old Times
Wellington, J B BElstree
1917Mother's Jewels
1916The Net
1915Mountain Sheep
1914The Toast
Wenner, LEpernay
1921Moutons Sur la Falaise
Werner, SigvartCopenhagen, Denmark {Sigvert in 1920}
1921The Call
1920Winter in the Forest
1916Morning Dressing
Weston, Edward HenryCA USA
1921Betty in Her Attic
1917Portrait of Miss Dextra Baldwin
1916Dancing Nude
1915Nude with Black Shawl
1914Summer Sunshine
Weston, F (Mr and Mrs)Chatham {1918} Plymouth {1916} Portsmouth {1915}
1918Afterglow: Hong Kong Harbour
1916The Game
1915Old China
Wheeler, HalksworthFolkestone
1914An Old Sussex Mill
White, Clarence HNew York, NY USA
1918Inga Sontum
1917The Rest Hour
White, W SAustralia
1918The Shadow Curtain
1917A Mountain Saw-mill
1916Melody of Morn
Whitehead, John MAlva
1921A Dream of the Raploch
1920In a Land of Romance
1919The Deserted Mill
1918White Unto Harvest
1917Cloudy June
1916An Old Mill
1915The Stilly Night
1914Storm Clouds
Wilkins, (Capt.) & C W BostockA.I.F.
1919"Day Breaks -- Cold, Shrieking and Bloody"
Wilkinson, AlfredAdelaide, Australia
1920On the Edge and Beyond
1915Majestic Gums
Williams, ErnestCA USA
1919Stream and Poplars
1918Summer's Sunlight
1915Dance of the Spring Time
Williams, JMelbourne, Australia
1915Summer Landscape
1914An Australian Landscape
Williams, OtisLos Angeles, CA USA
1920Kelp Kewpie
1920Winter Solitude
1914A Norwegian Mountain Scene
Wood, Alfred JAberdeen
1917The Cruel Crawling Foam
Wood, LionelBrighton
1920The Mouse
Yahagi, HTokyo, Japan
1918From Morning Till Night
1917Her Grandmother
1916"A Face of Memories and a Heart of Pain"
1915At an Exhibition
1914At Yugahima Spring
Young, FilsonLondon
1917The Wreck
1916Max Beerbohm, Esq.
Ziegler, FHolland
1921The Bride's Dream

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