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Vaughnsville 7th and 8th Grades 1928

The seventh grade at Vaughnsville [presume Putnam County OH] and also eighth. Teacher Mary C. Hughes, 1928. 1. Roberta Collar 2. Evelyn Roberts 3. Erma Heidlebaugh 4. Zelma Goedde 5. Elsie Collar 6. Alvera Krouse 7. Erma Slusser 8. Lillian Benroth 9. Elsie Marriott 10. Berniece Hartoon 11. George Thomas 12. Fred Collar 13. Miller Irwin 14. Wayne McKanna 15. Miss M. C. Hughes 16. Byron Davies 17. Oran Slusser 18. Jaunita Wood 19. Gilbert Sneary 20. Elmer Blockberger 21. Paul Litten 22. Harold Reese 23. Orville Risser 24. James McKenna 25. Robert Reese 26. Eugene Garberson? 27. Victor Griffith 28. Mary Edith Conaway 29. Catherine Goedde 30. Harry Miller 31. Arthur Williams 32. Murray Little 33. Kenneth Miller 34. Leonard Risser 35. Herbert Thomas 36. Donald Schafer 37. Gertrude Davis (Information) This picture is taken on the west side of the School House facing Williams. [image is marred by having numbers written on the fronts of respective subjects.]
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