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These citations refer to images available for purchase at the usual rate of 5 ClassyArts credits or $5.95 - Contact Us with the Reference # to order, or for more information on a particular image.
NOTE: This index may include names not yet listed in the photographers database.

  • Reference # [3193] morse and mcintosh (hollowell,me) stereo statue of faith for plymouth monument, 1877
  • Reference # [4196] morse and palace of art (san francisco,ca) photograph
  • Reference # [13463] morse, a s (nashville,tn) photograph
  • Reference # [2179] morse, g d (san francisco,ca) photograph

Additional Information From Darrah Collection

William Culp Darrah collected some 62,604 carte de visite (CDV) photographs, which are now in the archives at the University of Pennsylvania. We do NOT have the images from this collection, but here is some information from the index for photographers matching your search:

  • Morse, A.F. Darrah CDVs: Hallowell Maine
  • Morse, C. Wesley Darrah CDVs: Boston Massachusetts
  • Morse, Fred H. Darrah CDVs: Fairfax Vermont
  • Morse, G.D. Darrah CDVs: California
  • Photographer, G.D. Morse Darrah CDVs: San Francisco California
  • Morse, G.D. Darrah CDVs: San Francisco California
  • Morse, J.E. Darrah CDVs: Fitchburg Massachusetts
  • Morse, L.H. Darrah CDVs: Davenport Iowa
  • Morse, Levi Darrah CDVs: Thomaston Maine
  • Morse Darrah CDVs: Jarvis Indiana
  • Morse & Codding Darrah CDVs: Springfield Massachusetts
  • Morse & Collins Darrah CDVs: Maine
  • Morse & Simmons Darrah CDVs: Hallowell Maine
  • Morse & Tuttle Darrah CDVs: Thomaston Maine
  • Morse Darrah CDVs: Nashville Tennessee
  • Morse, S.G. Darrah CDVs: Exeter New Hampshire
  • Morse, W.H. Darrah CDVs: Sheffield Illinois

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